Connecting Change-Makers: New Scholar Shop Website Highlights DU and Community Collaborations

By Katie Vega, CCESL Scholar Shop Program Coordinator

The Scholar Shop connects community organizations with DU students and faculty to address public problems through research or creative work. Scholar Shop project can range from analyzing data and conducting program evaluation to producing marketing materials, among others. To better promote and connect DU faculty, staff, and students to community partners to develop mutually beneficial projects together, we have created a brand new Scholar Shop website:!


The new website features various community partners and lists their active requests for research and project support. As you explore the Scholar Shop Organizations tab, you will see a drop down menu with all of our active Scholar Shop partners looking for DU partners. To help you to navigate the various project opportunities on the website, there are several search features available on the right sidebar of each web page. You can use the Search bar, browse the Project Type list, and/or click on one of the many Tags featured as a word cloud. There is also a Community Spotlight tab which announces upcoming networking events to learn about and meet featured community partners who are looking to partner on project work. Last, we have a Scholar Shop Stories tab which highlights the completed project work of DU and community partners who were matched through Scholar Shop.

web 2

We are very happy to have this new website up and running but now we need your help to tackle the most challenging part of the Scholar Shop process: finding matches from the DU community. If you or a fellow DU faculty/student are interested in partnering with a featured Scholar Shop community partner, please email Katie Vega, CCESL’s Scholar Shop Program Coordinator, at Also, we would appreciate if you could share this email and the Scholar Shop website with your colleagues and students to better spread the word so we can find the right DU matches for our community partners’ diverse research needs.



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