Tackling Grand Challenges: An Open A Community Table Imagining a Just and Sustainable Future – Post-COVID-19

By: Katie Kleinhesselink, DU Grand Challenges Program Manager, CCESL

It’s hard to believe, but there are just four weeks left to host or participate in A Community Table conversation! If you’ve not had the chance to register, head over to www.du.edu/table now!

Speaking of participating in A Community Table, we’re excited to highlight an open conversation taking place this Friday, May 15th, from 12pm to 1:30pm. The DU Grand Challenges Urban Sustainability Collective Impact Cohort is facilitating a conversation on “Imagining a Just and Sustainable Future – Post-COVID-19.”

What does that mean exactly? Here’s what the Cohort had to say:

“The fallout from the coronavirus has fundamentally challenged our current way of life. Our sustainability and equity goals may be more at risk than at any time in recent memory.  Yet the crisis is also revealing glimpses of ways to bring about a just transition to an equitable, sustainable economy in service to life and wellbeing for all. Through these challenging times we are faced with decisions of what we want to “bounce back” and what we want to dismantle for good. What is being asked of each of us during this crisis – as individuals and as members/partners of institutions – to spring forward into the just and sustainable futures we desire? What are the new challenges exposed by COVID-19 and how can we set ourselves up to address them as we emerge from the crisis? These are the kinds of questions that we want to explore in our Community Table conversation.”

If you’ve hoped to join A Community Table conversation on issues related to urban sustainability and its intersections with the most pressing issues of our time, this one’s for you. The conversation promises to be provocative, exciting, and a welcome opportunity to dream new futures in this turbulent time.

You can register for A Community Table Conversation: Imagining a Just and Sustainable Future Post COVID-10 using this form.  If you have any questions, please contact Dr. Elizabeth Walsh, Urban Sustainability Cohort Coordinator at Elizabeth.A.Walsh@udenver.edu.  If you are unable to make it on May 15, but are interested in exploring these or other themes in dialogue between now and June 11, please consider hosting a Community Table conversation of your own. You can find everything you need to host a successful conversation and the host registration form at www.du.edu/table.

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