CCESL’s New Home!

CCESL has a new home!

Now located in the new Community Commons Room 1100 (next to the Starbucks), we are delighted to be in a beautiful space, filled with natural light, spaces for collaboration, and wonderful colleagues.

Our new suitemate is the Center for Sustainability. Being co-located is sure to open opportunities for new and continued collaborations with Sustainability staff and students.

While COVID realities continue to make being together in person difficult, know that we are focused on making this a space where CCESL-connected students, staff, and faculty can come to think, connect, act, and reflect. Watch for invitations to in-person events in the Commons, as COVID protocols allow. And let us know what you want the space to look and feel like! Send us an email or stop by and share your ideas in person.

To learn more about the many things that the Community Commons has to offer, check out these great Bridge articles. Find out about places to eat and socialize, including a rooftop bar with an amazing view:

See you in the Community Commons!

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