Amplifying University-Community Voices: Collective Impact and Migration

By: Lisa Martinez, Professor, Department of Sociology and Criminology; Arianna Nowakowski, Assistant Professor, University College, Co-Leads of the DU Grand Challenges Collective Impact Migration Cohort For over two years, the DU Grand Challenges Migration Cohort has been working towards their mission of improving the daily lives of migrants and refugees in the Denver metro area. … Continue reading Amplifying University-Community Voices: Collective Impact and Migration

Amplifying University – Community Voices: Federal Boulevard Photovoice Project

Federal Boulevard is the second deadliest street in Denver for traffic fatalities and takes the lives of people walking, bicycling, taking transit, riding a motorcycle or driving every year. Vision Zero Denver is an initiative with the goal of making traffic-related deaths and serious injuries nonexistent in Denver by 2030. To better understand how residents experience traffic safety in the area, the Center for Community Engagement and Service Learning (CCESL), the City of Denver, and the Vision Zero Coalition collaborated to deliver a series of photovoice workshops to residents of the Federal Boulevard corridor.  Through photography, these participants shared things they love about their community along Federal Boulevard, as well as things that make them feel unsafe.