STEM Mentoring with Denver High School Students

By: Sophia Kim and Kayla Nocon, Undergraduate Students, Biological Sciences Through DU’s collaboration with Westminster High School (WHS), we established a focused mentoring program with current DU STEM students and WHS senior students. A total of 33 DU undergraduates mentored 67 WHS senior students, creating a total of 21, 35-50 minute mentoring sessions that were … Continue reading STEM Mentoring with Denver High School Students

Community Engagement Luminaries

CCESL is introducing a new way for DU faculty, staff, and students to connect with other community-engaged practitioners through the Community Engagement Luminaries! Luminaries are faculty and community leaders who have experience in campus-community partnerships. They are a vibrant network of community engagement advocates who are available to support DU faculty and students through individual … Continue reading Community Engagement Luminaries